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Amanda Johns, COO, HORIZON

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New Construction

​Newly constructed commercial structures demand high visual appeal and long term durability. Pioneer Housing offers both, with a range of heavy-duty coating systems that will prolong the life of the asset.


All structures constructed from concrete, block work or brickwork can often leak immediately after construction or at various periods during their service life. Keeping a structure watertight is critical to the preservation of any structure. Water is, after all, the single most damaging element to a building facility. Water first damages a building cosmetically, then structurally. And by the time water damage is visible on the interior of building, it is likely that some irreversible damage has been caused to the exterior requiring costly retrofit/reinstallation work. Which is why keeping the building watertight is so important. Pioneer Housing are experts at installing vital waterproofing membranes.


Complete commercial building upgrades, alterations & renovations can be undertaken by our refurbishment team, offering a complete range of services including: construction, carpentry, plastering, tiling, plumbing, electrical, air-conditioning installations and all associated surface coating and rec-coating.


No area takes more wear-and-tear than floors, Pioneer Housing offer high durability, fast-cure surface protection flooring solutions with added safety benefits of high visibility, slip resistance, & hygiene coupled with added maintenance benefits of chemical resistance, severe impact resistance, abrasion resistance and ease of cleaning, whilst bringing the highest level of aesthetics required in any architectural installation.

Architectural Coatings

Pioneer Housing offer a range of internal & external commercial painting and coating solutions. Specializing in: surface of all painted & varnished timberwork, trowel-on & roll-on textures. Hi-rise and difficult access work is our specialty.

Tank & Pipelines

Concrete and steel tanks and pipelines carry a wide range of liquids, from potable water that require taint-free coatings, to corrosive acids, alkalis, solvents and petrochemical fuels that require chemical resistant coatings. The externals of these structures also require UV protection. Correct maintenance and corrosion control can massively increase the lifespan of these essential infrastructure assets.

Structural Steel

The harsh pacific environment rapidly depletes vital structural and decorative steelwork, because of extreme weather conditions, temperature cycling, UV exposure, and also due to chemical attack from atmospheric acids and coastal salts. The correct heavy-duty barrier protection will extend the design life of any steel structure. Pioneer Housing can provide a range of protective coating solutions for galvanic intermediate barrier coats and topcoats to complete the job.

Roof Access Audit

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Roof Safety Consultancy

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Roof Access Solutions

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Interoil Refinery 

Fuel Storage Tank

Service type: Tanks

Location: Napa Napa

Coating System: Interline 910 Tank Lining Epoxy 

Description: Abrasive blasting preparation was undertaken to class 2 1/2, the application of the thank lining epoxy was carried out with the use of breathing apparatus.

Hastings Deering

Workshop Floors

Service type: Flooring

Location: Port Moresby

Coating System: BASF Mastertop 1230 Polymer Floor Coating

Description: Abrasive Blasting Preparation of existing concrete floor & application of floor coating system.

Australian High Commission

DHOMS Residence

Service type: Refurbishment

Location: Port Moresby

Description: Complete Interior & Exterior refurbishment.

Adventure Park

Ferris Wheel Repainting

Service type: Structural Steel

Location: 14 Mile

Coating System: Taubmans Interseal 670 Taubmans Interhane 990

Description: High pressure waterblast, hand & mechanical surface preparation, and application of the coating system.

PNG Air Services

ATS Control Tower Rooftop

Service type: Rooftop

Location: Port Moresby

Coating System: BASF Coniroof 2160, BASF Cocresive 2525

Description: High pressure waterblast, hand & mechanical surface preparation and application of the coating system.

The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS


Service type: Refurbishment

Location: Gabulu

Description: Complete Interior & exterior rebufbishment. 

Parliament House

Internal Repainting

Service type: Archetectural Coatings

Location: Port Moresby

Coating System: Taubmans Clear Proof matt & satin finish

Description: Cleaning, sanding & application of the above coating system to all previously coated timber surface.


Rouna Power Station Penstocks

Service type: Pipelines

Location: Port Moresby

Coating System: Dulux Durebild STE epoxy & Dulux Weathermax HBR

Description: High pressure waterblast, hand & mechanical surface preparation, and application of the coating system.


Corporate Planning Office

Service type: Refurbishment

Location: Port Moresby

Description: Complete interior & exterior refurbishment.

Australian High Commision

AHC Compound Recreation Area

Service type: Refurbishment

Location: Port Moresby

Description: Complete Interior & exterior refurbishment.

Holiday Inn

Suites & Express Building

Service type: New Construction

Location: Port Moresby 

Coating System: BASF Emaco & BASF Masterseal 556

Description: General water proofing works. 

Australian High Commission

Fire Exit Stairs

Service type: Flooring

Location: Port Moresby 

Coating System: Taubmans Interseal 670 & Taubmans Interhane 990

Description: Abrasive blasting preparation & application of floor coating system.


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